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Hi On Line Radio 320 This stations has 8 channels in 320 kbps In 2011, the Internet Radio Station began broadcasting globally, Hi On Line Radio. Founded and pioneered by Paul Hattink, supported by Hi.Fine The music genre that moves your body and stirs your soul is comprised of Global grooves and organic world rhythms. The purveyors of this unique downtempo delight actually travel the world in search of nu music that fits into the melodic mix… concentrating on tropical destinations and warmer climates. Like Smooth J

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We PLAY the music because we LOVE the music. We provide the PLATFORM because we have the AUDIENCE. Hi On Line Radio offers a unique blend for listeners who are looking for something different from their radio experience : An organic mix of Nu Jazz, Electronica, World Lounge, Downtempo and rich, warm Vocals that melt into the mix like honey. This stylish music genre that many call “chill out” or “lounge” music originates in Ibiza, Spain but is heard in every cosmopolitan nook and cranny in the world… from Playa del Carmen to Rio de Janiero to San Franciso to Milan with loose grooves that create a sophisticated and sultry After-Party vibe… perfect for relaxing and feeling like you’re in a sun washed destination.

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